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Office Online in Google Chrome

A clever move from Microsoft today, having their Office Online web sites added to the Google Chrome App Store.

That’s led to excited headlines like “Microsoft Office hits Google’s Chrome Web Store” which will please Microsoft.

Sure, you can now go to the Chrome App Store using these links Word Online,Excel Online PowerPoint OnlineandOneNote

Click on the ‘Free’ button at top right to install.

On your list of Chrome Apps (type in chrome://apps/ ) will appear some new apps

... click here to read more at ...

Windows 8.1 Update – secret changes list?

There’s a few blog posts about the Windows 8.1 Update changes … but not all the changes. For reasons passing understanding, Microsoft won’t release a full list of the Windows 8.1 Update changes

The Windows 8.1 Update is a curious beast. It is basically a set of ‘retractions’ by Microsoft, acknowledging that the original Windows 8 interface was flawed or, as the British say ‘not fit for purpose’.

Information on the Win8.1 Update is woefully incomplete. Even a Technet article for admins is long on hype and short on detail. There are blog posts like this.

The KB article for the update KB2919355 has a link called What's new in Windows 8.1 Update which is actually install instructions with no list of ‘What’s New’ at all. There’s a link from that page to which currently lists a few changes, but not all, by any means.

... click here to read more at ...

Missing Easter from Outlook

If you check your Outlook calendar for the coming weekend, you might not see Easter Monday marked for Monday 21 April, Good Friday marked for Friday 18 April 2014. Or maybe US Thanksgiving on 27 Nov 2014 isn’t listed?

Why? Doesn’t Outlook come with public holidays automatically loaded? Not necessarily.

You need to update the holidays list manually, here’s how.

Outlook 2013/Outlook 2010 go to Options | Calendar and click Add Holidays

Outlook 2007 go to Tools | Options | Calendar Options and click Add Holidays.

From there it’s the same for all versions, there’s a list of countries that have holiday data

Check the box next to any country you want holidays displayed for. You might to load holidays for countries you have personal or business dealings with. Click OK when you’re finished.

You might see a message like this, even though you don’t have holidays loaded:

... click here to read more at ...

Ignore or Mute emails in Outlook

Sometimes you get emails on a topic that doesn’t matter to you and is cluttering up your Inbox. Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 have a fairly simple solution – the Ignore button.

Ignore tells Outlook to move all existing and future emails with a certain subject to the Deleted Items folder. It is similar to, but not the same as, the Mute option in Gmail. Ignore isn’t available in Outlook 2011 for Mac nor in Outlook 2007 or previous (you’d have to make your own custom Rule instead).

Select one message from the conversation and click ‘Ignore’.

Click ‘Ignore Conversation’ and the messages will disappear to the Deleted Items folder. Any future messages with that subject (i.e. conversation or thread) will go to Deleted Items automatically.

There’s no practical limit to the number of ignored conversations configured at any time – certainly thousands can be running.

If Outlook is connected to Exchange Server 2010 or later (including Office 365 customers) the Ignore rules are run at the server level as emails arrive. That means the conversations should move even if there’s no copy of Outlook running and you’re viewing the Inbox another way (Outlook Web Access or on a smartphone).

... click here to read more at ...

Get Office 2003 Service Pack 3 now

Despite the ‘retirement’ of Office 2003 and Windows XP, both programs continue to work and all past updates will be available for download from Microsoft.

However we suggest that you grab the major updates to Office 2003 now to save yourself hassle and time later.

The last major update to Office 2003 was Service Pack 3. Sure, you can download it each time but it’s better and faster to download the 118MB update once.

You can get Service Pack 3 from Microsoft as a single download.

We suggest saving the update in the same folder as your install copy of Office 2003 so it’s easily found later. Or save it to a CD/DVD/USB stick with the install disk.

The same goes for Windows XP too. Download Windows XP Service Pack 3 and save it with your XP install files.

Unfortunately, Microsoft won't release an 'end of life' pack with all updates to April 2014 bundled into a single download.  You'll have to use Windows Update to get any patches created after the respective Service Packs.

... click here to read more at ...

Get your Word for Windows source code

Microsoft has released to the public domain the source code and documents for an early version of Word, Word 1.1a for Windows, as well as DOS 1.1 and 2.0.

The Word for Windows has both C source code and some documentation.

The documents are in original format which means that Word 2013 either can’t directly convert them or they’ll generate a trust error because the document format is so old! WordPad can open most of the .doc files with less trouble.

Leon Zandman has some fun with curious comments in the code. There are disparaging remarks about Microsoft competitors, some swear words and fart references.

Anyone familiar with computer code won’t be surprised by those comments. In fact it’s surprising there aren’t more!

... click here to read more at ...

Windows Phone 8.1 out now

Windows Phone 8.1 is now being pushed out to compatible Windows Phones.

Some changes of interest to Office users.

You may see a prompt to download the update or go to Setting | Phone Update. It’s best to download and update when connected to Wifi and external power.

... click here to read more at ...

Drop Dropbox – why? when they’re all just as bad?

The Drop Dropbox campaign is a shameful waste of time and effort. It’s making a scapegoat of one lady while ignoring much bigger problems.

Drop Dropbox came about after the announcement that Condoleezza Rice, former adviser to President George W. Bush and US Secretary of State, is to join the board of cloud storage provider, Dropbox.

The complaint seems to be that Ms. Rice is too closely aligned to the National Security Agency. It’s the NSA that has a program to collect information about everyone (not just ‘foreigners’ etc.) including documents and files stored on services like Dropbox.

It’s not fashionable these days, but I don’t like personal attacks, even though they seem acceptable in the media. I don’t agree with Ms. Rice’s politics nor many of the actions taken by governments she had a prominent role in. But the ‘Drop Dropbox’ campaign is trivializing the real and serious online privacy problems as well as giving an excuse for thinly veiled sexist and racist views.

... click here to read more at ... and HeartBleed

Our book store customers might be wondering if their online details are at risk from the Open SSL HeartBleed security gap.

Many web sites with SSL have been quickly patching their server software, but not all need to.

The online store is hosted on Microsoft Windows Server which uses a totally different SSL system to the Open SSL software. The only part of that uses SSL is the online store.

There’s no need for our customers to change their online passwords on our site … at least not because of HeartBleed.

We have always encouraged customers to update their password from the default password that’s uniquely created for each new account. To do that login to your account then go to the ‘Modify Personal Information’ link.

Part of our online security policy is to know as little as possible about our customers. Our online store does not store credit card information, that’s given directly to the payment gateway like Paypal. In most cases we only have the customer’s name, email addressed and encrypted password.

... click here to read more at ...

Outlook email basics and beyond

New / Compose

The simple and easy one first. Click on the New Email button to start a new message.

At the very least fill in the TO, Subject and some message text then click Send.

There can be more than one email address in the TO field. That’s important because some spam filters consider whether the incoming email is addressed to the recipient in the TO field or in CC or BCC. If it’s in CC/BCC then it may be mistaken for spam. In technical terms, the spam score can be higher if the recipients address is not in the TO field.

CC means Carbon Copy. All message recipients can see who received the message as CC or TO recipients.

BCC means ‘Blind’ Carbon Copy. These people get a copy of the email (including TO and CC lists) but the BCC list is hidden from everyone except the sender.

Sending the same message to many people

Naturally, you can send a single email to many people by listing them in TO, CC or BCC fields. However there are other options.

... click here to read more at ...

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